The Fan Deck is a book containing samples of all 650 FED-STD-595C colors. It is bound with a single heavy-duty screw-fastener, allowing the samples to be easily fanned out for comparison purposes.

The Fan Deck contains 75 pages, typically with 10 colors per page. Each color sample is 2.0 x .625 inches in size.

Please note: This Revision-C fan deck was released 3/16/09, and it fully incorporates Change Notice 1. All 595C colors are present and correctly identified, and all FED-STD-595B colors are included.

Also note: Fan Deck Color samples are suitable for color identification and selection purposes only. Fan Decks are NOT approved by DOD for Quality Control Purposes. (Use individual Color Chips for Quality Control and precise color matching -- some fan deck colors may be slightly incorrect.)

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